PROMUS 2022: Registration from October 10 to 31 for remote selection process

The program has published a public notice (No. 717/2021) defining the procedures for selecting candidates to be regular students of its Professional Master’s program, which will start in 2022. The big news is the expansion of vacancies to 36, 16 more than the last selection.

From October 10 to 31, the application period for the selection of candidates to the Professional Master’s Degree Program in Music at UFRJ (PROMUS), to be admitted in 2022 is open. EDITAL Nº 717/2021, as amended by BUFRJ (10/18/2021), defines the procedures of the competition.

“It will be the second selection process carried out remotely,” informs PROMUS coordinator Aloysio Fagerlande. “The previous one worked very well, with the necessary adjustments as we did not hold in-person tests,” he says.

Official Documents:




The goal of PROMUS is to train qualified professionals for the exercise of advanced practices in music, especially those related to applied research, artistic, scientific, and technological development, and teaching.

The focus is on artists, instrumentalists, conductors, and singers, as well as instrument, conducting, and singing teachers.

More openings

“The great novelty of the 2022 selection process is the expansion of vacancies to 36, 16 more than the last selection,” says Fagerlande.

– This was only possible with the adoption of a new sectorization system, he explains. There will be eight vacancies for projects in wind instruments, two for projects in bowed string instruments, ten for projects in fingered string instruments, seven for projects in keyboard instruments, four vacancies for projects in singing, one for projects in percussion, and four for projects in conducting, distributed between the two Research Lines (professional performance) developed under PROMUS.

The vacancies offered cover the two Research Lines (professional activity) developed under PROMUS: Artistic Development Processes (PDA) and Instrumental/Vocal Pedagogy/Regencies (PIVR).

Affirmative action and cooperation agreements

From the total of vacancies, five will be destined to affirmative action quotas (black, indigenous or disabled people), two to the cooperation agreement with Associação Orquestra de Barra Mansa (AOBM) and two to the cooperation agreement with Fundação Orquestra Sinfônica de Porto Alegre (FOSPA).

“Another new feature: we have adopted templates for the pre-project, curriculum vitae and other declarations, all available on the PROMUS website and on links in the announcement itself,” says the professor.


Open from 7am on October 10th to 11:59pm on October 31th, applications must be made via electronic form, which will be available only during this period. To fill it out and attach the requested documentation the candidate will need a gmail account.

Graduates from national or foreign institutions, with registered or revalidated diplomas; holders of graduation certificates, accompanied by official academic transcripts with the date of graduation; and holders of declarations issued by academic departments, attesting that the candidate is in the final phase of the graduation course, are eligible.

Preliminary project and videos

In addition to the documents detailed in the announcement, those interested need to attach, in PDF format, a research project. The text must follow the model available on the site in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

The candidate must also send a link to a video of Presentation, Motivation, and Intention, 5 to 8 minutes long, in which he presents his professional trajectory and justifies his candidacy; and one or more artistic videos, with a total length of 10 to 20 minutes, with a repertoire of free choice consistent with the research proposal.


The tests applied to the candidates will be as follows: evaluation of the preliminary project (20%, weight); evaluation of the presentation video (10%); evaluation of the artistic video (30%); and evaluation of the defense of the preliminary project (40%).

The evaluation of the Preliminary Draft, the Presentation Video, Motivation and Intention, and the Artistic Video will be done online and asynchronously, between November 11th and 19th, 2021, through a written opinion, elaborated by the Evaluation Commission, integrated by PROMUS teachers.

The defense of the preliminary project will be done online and synchronously, between November 22 and 26, 2021, in a videoconference platform to be indicated in due course.

The final grade will be the weighted average of the exams. Candidates who miss one of them will be disqualified.

The results of the exams will be announced on December 1st, and the results of the selection process will be published on December 17th.

PROMUS is under no obligation to fill all vacancies.


Information about the Program and the selection process can be obtained through the e-mail